Dawlaty Profile

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The state in Syria has always been intimidating. We used to succumb to its control and wishes, rather than the opposite.


Today we have started a journey to form a different state. My state, your state…our state.

Dawlaty is a space to envision our state

Dawlaty is an NGO that works on suggesting alternatives and in democratic transition, building capacity , transitional justice, human rights and conflict management in Syria.

Proceeding from these goals, Dawlaty also works on developing audio-visual and text-based training materials by adopting a variety of techniques and approaches. Furthermore it organizes workshops and develops an e-platform for archiving works of art that have been produced since March 2011 and sharing them in a simple, clear, and direct manner that is based on human rights principles of gender, race and religion equality, on Dawlaty website, Dawlaty Facebook page, Dawlaty twitter account: Dawlaty Syria, Youtube channel: Dawlaty Syria, and through other channels in cooperation with other Syrian and International groups working on the same purposes.

Dawlaty Focus areas

Principles of participation in civil state.
Minority rights and minority protection.
Human rights and women’s rights.
Citizenship and constitutional concepts.
Transitional justice.
Setting up structures for building a civil society.
Democratic elections and the forming of parties and associations.
The rule of law.
Principles of transparency and accountability.


Dawlaty mostly use different ways relies on visualization and Interaction, to convey it’s messages,

Cartoons and videos.

Brochures, posters and graffiti.

Radio programs.

Comic books and visual stories.

Books, booklets and manuals.


In addition there will be a variety of forms and means of communication that use a simple and a clear content which is accessible to people who do not have internet connection, Facebook or Twitter.

Our near futures aims are to help in initiate and apply the changes in;

Transition from the state of killing to a state that aspires change with the attempt of minimizing tendencies towards revenge in favor of accountability and justice.

Promoting the ability to accept the different points of view and the importance of diversity.


Promoting civic values and the rule of law.

Developing tactics of civil disobedience, non-violent struggle and peaceful change.


If you have ideas or stories for posters, graffiti, videos, or visual stories, if you are a graphic designer, illustrator, animator, researcher or engaged in similar activities, please contact us and share your work.