Programs Director

Programs Director

January 13, 2024

ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES / SCOPE OF WORK: (Essential functions, job description,)

Job Purpose:

The Programs Director will be responsible for overseeing the development and execution of Dawlaty programs, specifically focusing on transitional justice, youth engagement, and women’s participation. Collaborating closely with field staff, management, and partners, the Programs Director will ensure the timely, effective, and financially prudent implementation of programs. The role encompasses various

managerial and technical support tasks, including planning and coordination, budget development and management, creating tools for program implementation, monitoring and evaluation, donor reporting, and capacity development for both partners and staff. The Programs Director assumes a pivotal role in fostering Dawlaty a learning organization, actively documenting lessons learned during program

implementation and leveraging them to enhance future initiatives.


1. Program Development and Planning – Strategic development and planning of Dawlaty programs.

– Ensuring that all programs and projects of Dawlaty are linked within the main objectives of the institution and working within the concept of one team.

– Collaborating with Syrian civil society partners and stakeholders to identify program priorities in the context of the Syrian conflict.

– Ensuring that the program objectives are aligned with the goals and role of the organization and the unique challenges of the Syrian context.

– Ensuring that program results and outcomes are communicated to relevant audiences, including donors, beneficiaries, and partners.

– Working closely with the communication and advocacy team, including developing and implementing institutional and program communication strategies.

– Adopting appropriate tools for program development and planning.

2. Supervision and Monitoring of the Implementation of Program and Project Plans and Activities.

– Preparing detailed implementation plans and spending plans after discussing them with the team and management.

– Designing the overall activity and the quarterly and monthly plans and supervising their implementation and proposing updates and modifications as needed, whether in terms of direct or indirect implementation.

Adopting internal monitoring tools within the program system, as regular meetings, periodic internal reports, a comprehensive annual activity agenda, etc.

3. Developing the Performance of the Program Team

– Supervising program staff through continuous and periodic follow-up, providing guidance, input, and feedback.

– Working to develop the performance of program staff and providing them with the necessary knowledge to perform their work, assisting them in solving problems and overcoming obstacles.

– Working closely with management to develop and implement a comprehensive training series for employees to build capacity to ensure program quality and expand the scope of programs.

– Supporting human and professional development and growth of employees.

– Ensuring commitment to promoting women’s rights and gender equality in all areas of work, and relevant Dawlaty policies.

– Supervising the work of employees, managing leaves, and ensuring smooth operations during absences.

– Updating the job descriptions of the program department.

4. Financial Management

– Working closely with the financial team to develop and manage program budgets, taking into account specific needs and challenges of working in Syria.

– Monitoring expenses against budget allocations, ensuring financial accountability, and compliance with donor guidelines, and Dawlaty financial policies.

– Adopting appropriate financial tools for planning disbursement operations in advance.

5. Supporting Partnerships within the Syrian Civil Society

– Working to develop strategic partnership relations with Syrian civil society organizations.

– Providing technical support to partners from the Syrian civil society, especially regarding topics that Dawlaty is working on.

– Developing and presenting capacity-building initiatives specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Syrian context.

– Enhancing cooperation and knowledge exchange between Dawlaty and partner organizations.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

– Implementing monitoring and evaluation frameworks that consider the complexities of working in the Syrian context.

– Collecting and managing data to assess the impact and effectiveness of projects, initiatives, and campaigns.

– Utilizing evaluation results to adapt strategies and improve program outcomes.

– Complying with monitoring and evaluation requirements adopted by Dawlaty and developed by the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

7. Relations with Donors and Reporting

– Working to build and develop strategic partnerships with donors.

– Preparing and presenting accurate and timely reports to donors.

– Collaborating with the fundraising team to identify and follow up on funding opportunities relevant to the Syrian context.

8. Documentation, Learning, and Dissemination

– Supervising the program archives and appropriately documenting all processes to ensure the preservation of the organization’s products, technical and scientific processes associated with their development and context, including minutes of brainstorming meetings and others that provide work continuity over the years and build on previous experiences and documented lessons learned. This includes all program activities, including advocacy campaigns.

– Supervising the creation of appropriate periodic content related to program work for publication on the organization’s website and social media, providing the goal of informing the public about Dawlaty’s activities and work, the results of this work, and contributing to supporting the advocacy campaigns that Dawlaty is working on.

– Enhancing the dissemination of knowledge within the organization and the broader civil society.

9. Strategic Partnerships

– Identifying and enhancing strategic partnerships with Syrian and international organizations to amplify the impact of advocacy and transitional justice efforts.

– Representing Dawlaty in forums focusing on Syrian civil society and collaborating with partners in joint initiatives.

10. Organizational Learning

– Contributing to the development of organizational policies and procedures that reflect the unique challenges of working in Syria.

– Actively participating in strategic planning processes to guide the organization’s direction in response to the dynamic Syrian context.

Person Specifications (Requirements):

1. A Master’s degree in Business Administration or a related field.

2. Over 3 years of experience in a senior leadership role within the nonprofit sector, preferably in the field of transitional justice, youth, community organizing, and/or advocacy.

3. Proven track record of successfully developing, implementing, and managing multiple programs that have achieved measurable impact.

4. Knowledge of the Syrian context and of Syrian civil society is strongly preferred.

5. Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, with the ability to anticipate and address challenges proactively.

6. Excellent leadership and team management abilities, demonstrating a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture.

7. Experience in fundraising and grant management, showcasing the ability to secure funding from various sources.

8. An advanced degree in a relevant field (e.g., human rights, international development, social sciences) is preferred.

9. Public speaking skills and excellent writing skills in both English and Arabic.

Personal Attributes

Dawlaty is seeking an individual with a robust skill set to manage a demanding and variable workload effectively. The ideal candidate will possess a proactive and self-driven attitude, coupled with exceptional interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills.

– Friendly and affable

– High integrity and demonstrated ability to follow standards and policies.

– Meticulous with attention to detail

– Commitment to ensuring the protection of DAWLATY’s beneficiaries.

– Strong sense of security management and willingness to follow security guidelines and regulations.

– Willingness to learn.

– Commitment to humanitarian principles and value

– Take initiative in identifying and addressing challenges independently.

– Remain flexible in the face of changing priorities and circumstances.

– Embrace new ideas and approaches to enhance overall team performance.

– Continuously seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

By embodying these qualities, the successful candidate will contribute to the positive work culture at Dawlaty and play a pivotal role in navigating the challenges associated with a dynamic workload.

– We strongly encourage qualified candidates to apply as soon as it is possible as the applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

– Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

How to apply

Interested candidates can submit their applications through this link:

Application Closing Date: 15 February 2024.

The post will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

Due to the urgency to fill this role, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Kindly note that the position will be filled before the vacancy announcement is closed; therefore, early applications are encouraged.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Dawlaty only accepts duly completed applications submitted through the application form.