Decades of totalitarian rule and paramilitarization have left no room for the growth of civic values in the Syrian society, and left generations of citizens unaware of their rights as human beings. That's why Dawlaty is dedicated to equipping the Syrian society, especially young women and men, with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to express their opinions and organize within their communities. Dawlaty works with partners on the ground and online to promote knowledge of civic values and concepts, as well as to provide skills building and practice opportunities. By promoting concepts and skills of democratization and civic engagement, we can develop, nurture and consolidate youth’s skills to become nonviolent actors for change, leading the civil society movement of today and tomorrow. In building the capacity of civil society and youth lies the underlying longer term process of using the period of conflict as a transition towards setting the foundations for a new, inclusionary society. We at Dawlaty strongly believe in the importance of empowering women to lead the transitional process in Syria, and the Political Training workshops were our attempt to ensure that Syrian women are armed with knowledge to lead that process. Dawlaty works with local women activists to adapt training materials on women’s political participation and provide trainings on political literacy to women in its civil society centres inside Syria. The training are followed by an awareness raising initiative developed and implemented by the women. On a more basic and accessible level, Dawlaty runs knitting workshop with women which incorporate discussions aimed at raising awareness of women’s rights. The Right to Know campaign is a visual and educational digital campaign targeting Syrian youths with an objective to raise their awareness and enrich their knowledge on topics and concepts which affect their lives. The campaign produces visual and audio-visual content on complex topics in a simplified way, opening a dialogue between Syrian youths and experts in various political and social fields.