Dawlaty was born out of a group of activists' beliefs that nonviolence is the only effective and constructive way to challenge tyranny and build a sustainable and just peace. That's why the organization has always been dedicated to documenting, promoting and teaching concepts and tactics of nonviolent resistance against injustice, even after the uprising turned to a bloody civil war. In order to ensure that peaceful activists were still able to protest and reject injustice following the armament of the uprising, Dawlaty set up programs and projects inside and outside Syria to give these civilians the resources, spaces and tools they needed to continue their mission towards a peaceful, democratic society. Map of a Revolution: The Syrian Nonviolent Movement is an interactive platform that enables Dawlaty and activists to document activities and protests related to revolutionary movement in Syria which aims at overthrowing the current regime and rejecting any violations carried out by governing groups since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011, through linking activities to their geographical location in both Arabic and English. The information was gathered with the help of Syrian activists inside and  outside Syria. The content is divided into four main categories: interventions such as handing out brochures and hanging posters; sit-ins and strikes; march and demonstrations; and graffiti. Our civil society centers were established to create an environment that would give civil society organizations, as well as activists and individuals access to the tools necessary to engage in nonviolent civil organizing. Dawlaty's activities in the centers target all members of society and offer capacity building to youths, women, people with special needs, in addition to local councils and organizations.