TOR of: Service Provider-graphic designer

February 3, 2023

Dawlaty is a non-governmental organization that works with Syrian civil society partners and marginalized groups, in particular, young men and women, to achieve a democratic transition in Syria. To do this, Dawlaty often organizes workshops, webinars, and gatherings to shed light on the important matters at hand as well as try to bring the voices of its partners and local communities to the forefront of the discussion.

2- Location and Duration
Location: Preferably based in Lebanon, or anywhere remotely
Starting Date: The tentative start is on the 1st of February 2023
End Date: on the 31st of December 2023.
Duration: in total 11 months
Working hours: TBD based on the number of tasks

3-Scope of Work:
Dawlaty is looking for a graphic designer who can support the programs departments in Dawlaty by providing graphic designs and layout services for Information, Education and, Communication (IEC) materials, motion graphics, publications, and other communication designs. The graphic designer will have a long-term agreement with Dawlaty to deliver high-quality graphic content in line with Dawlaty’s values and identity, and within agreed timeframes.

4-Responsibilities of Dawlaty:
Providing the necessary material and background information supporting successful delivery of the graphic designer’s work.
Close consultation and coordination with the graphic designer to agree on product identity and quality, product objectives, timeframes and other necessary practicalities, for each of the requested tasks.
Preparing the payments for the graphic designer and transferring them after completion of the agreed tasks.
Dawlaty has a right to divide the quotations to obtain the deliverables as it deems appropriate.
Dawlaty has the right to contract with one or more service providers as it deems appropriate.

5- Responsibilities and Deliverables of the Service Provider:
The service provider will be;

  • Working closely with the Media Officer and Content Creator
  • Transforming text-based communications materials into audio and/or visual graphic design materials such as infographics, posters and videos etc.
  • Executing visual designs for Dawlaty’s websites.
  • Improving and editing of art work, photos and graphic elements of Dawlaty.
  • General support with editing and updating of Dawlaty’s visual identity package and SoMe policy
  • Ensuring that publications, reports, creative and animation products are produced in line with Dawlaty graphic identity;
  • Delivering high-quality designs for printed, electronic, web-based and animated presentations.
  • Delivering creative and innovative motion graphics productions, to create appealing, emotive animations supporting specific causes of action.
  • Producing visual designs for social media in coordination with the programs departments
  • Design and layout of reports and other products for printing and electronic distribution
  • Support improving and edit art-work, photos, charts and other graphic elements for communication and promotional materials
  • Incorporate feedback from the programs team into multimedia designs. And generally, liaise closely with the programs’ departments on every final layout.

6-Deliverables Table

Printed and Publishing design:

ItemDescriptionUnitQuantityEstimated working hoursUnit PriceCurrency
D1Report design ( up to 10) pages
with charts, front page, and other
D2Report design (11-20) pages
with charts, front page and other
D3Report design (21-40) pages
with charts, front page and other
D4Report design (41-60 pages
with charts, front page and other
D5Report design (More than 61 pages
with charts, front page and other
D6Training Manual design (up to 10 pages)
with charts, front cover and other
D7Training Manual design (11-20 pages
with charts, front cover and other
D8Training Manual design (21-40 pages
with charts, front cover and other
D9Training Manual design (41-60 pages
with charts, front cover and other
D10Training Manual design (More than 60 pages
with charts, front cover and other
D11Image for social media
(Quote template, basic)
Image/small poster1
D12Poster (90x60cm)Poster1
D13Roll-up design

Animated Design:

ItemDescriptionUnitQuantityEstimated working hoursUnit PriceCurrency
D141 min motion
graphic video/animated video
D155 min motion
graphic video/animated video
D163-7 min documentaries/short storiesVideo1
D17Support Updating visual identity package/lineConsultation & Implementation1
D18Design and edit images for websiteWebsite design1
D19Web design (1 basic landing page)Landing page1

7-Payment terms:
Fee quotations shall cover all expenses including but not exclusive to bank charges, VAT taxes, and any other expenses which may be incurred by the service provider.
In order for the payment to be processed by Dawlaty, the following documents must be present with each payment:
– Task Sheet
– Invoice
– Deliverables (if receivable)
-Service Receipt Note SRN / GRN

In case the payment for a specific month was less than $100 Dawlaty and the contractor has agreed to postpone the payment to another month so the amount would be above $100.
The Service provider’s invoice will be paid by Dawlaty within thirty (30) Working days of receipt of the invoice and accept the service by Dawlaty. Payment will be made as per Contract Currency.
The payment will be transferred as a bank transfer.

8- Inspection of Services

  • Definition. “Services,” as used in this clause, includes services performed, workmanship, and material furnished or utilized in the performance of services.
  • Dawlaty retains the right to inspect and test all services called for by this Contract, to the extent practicable at all times and places during the term of the Contract. NGO Name shall perform inspections and tests in a manner that will not unduly delay the work.
  • If Dawlaty performs inspections or tests on the premises of the Contractor or a subcontractor, the Contractor shall furnish, and shall require subcontractors to furnish, at no increase in contract price, all reasonable facilities and assistance for the safe and convenient performance of these duties.
  • If any of the services do not conform with Contract requirements, Dawlaty may require the Service Provider to perform the services again in conformity with Contract requirements, at no increase in Contract amount. When the defects in services cannot be corrected by performance, Dawlaty may:
    • Require the Service Provider to take necessary action to ensure that future performance conforms to Contract requirements; and
    • Reduce the Contract price to reflect the reduced value of the services performed.
  • If the Service Provider fails to promptly perform the services again or to take the necessary action to ensure future performance in conformity with contract requirements, Dawlaty may:
    • By contract, perform the services and charge to the Service Provider any cost incurred by Dawlaty that is directly related to the performance of such service; or;
    • Terminate the contract for default.

9- Minimum Qualification Requirements:
3-4 Years of experience in graphic design
Excellent communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
Technical skill and proficiency with specialized graphic design software
Good understanding of new and evolving technologies and digital platforms
Detail-oriented with strong project management skills i.e., balancing multiple projects simultaneously and managing deadlines
Ability to think beyond traditional design concepts and generate design ideas that inspire and captivate
Knowledge of and experience working in the Syrian context strongly preferred
The ability to complete multiple tasks at the same time
Ensure that final images and designs achieve artistic or functional objectives in line with Dawlaty’s values and identity.
Experience with advocacy, community organizing and memory work strongly preferred
Knowledge of and experience working in Syrian contexts strongly preferred
Knowledge of gender, human rights, civil society, civic and democratic values, and civil activism is essential
Working knowledge in both Arabic and English
Knowledge of Arabic typography and typing

10-Documents required to be submitted:
Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by sending
1- Technical offer / CV/ profile
2- Financial offer / Deliverables Table
3- Portfolio of Previous working samples
4- Three Previous contracts minimum.

11-Selection Process

We will review applications on a rolling basis so please apply as soon as suitable.

only shortlisted applicants will be contacted

Technically acceptable offers will be financially evaluated only
Dawlaty is an equal opportunity employer. We highly respect and value diversity and ensure that all qualified applicants receive consideration based on required experience and capabilities regardless of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, or marital status. All Dawlaty contractors are prohibited from engaging in any form of discrimination, harassment, exploitation, or abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal) or in any other way to breach the rights of others to thrive in a safe and supportive environment. We consider Humanitarian Principles an integral part of our work. We are fully committed to promoting the recognition of human rights, especially safeguarding children, women, and adults at risk. We are accountable to those in the communities we serve and as such. As our responsibility to ensure that, as an organization, we do not contribute in any way to harming or exposing those communities to further risk. Dawlaty applies zero tolerance to any act of exploitation, abuse, harassment, and discrimination in every aspect of its work. Therefore, as part of our Contracting process, a range of pre-Contracting checks/screenings will be conducted in conformity with Dawlaty’s Safeguarding Policies.

13- How to apply:
Applicants should include the following subject heading in their email Graphic Designer and send via email: by 15th Feb 2022.
Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
Only Short-listed applicants will be contacted within a period of 10 days after the deadline, apologize for not sending messages to the rest of the applicants.
Due to Dawlaty’s low-profile activities, shortlisted applicants are required to provide us with personal security references.
Please fill in the deliverables table (Estimated working hours, Unit Price, Currency)
Only the completed deliverables table will be considered for the selection process.

Note: please fill the tables in the following document and send it to